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Sharing Our Perch Post-Launch Buzz!

Getting a new product out into the “real world” is an exhilarating time!  On October 24th we announced the open availability of our new mobile app for small business owners and managers, Perch. It follows a heads-down dev period in Closed Beta that we previewed at Where 2.0 in San Francisco.

We wanted to share our favorite press and blog coverage of Perch, as key industry and small business press viewed, downloaded and chatted with us about the shiny new app!

We embedded the 90-second video story coverage by Mashable TV below.

The links below present highlights of news coverage, and gives you a window into a very successful early launch week, which generated coverage by more than 50 publications!
The final link is to a presentation that I gave at the recent Colorado DemoGala, where we received the top vote position among 14 start-up demos, for most promising new product (and the video that was used in that presentation)!

Launch PowerPoint @ Demo Gala

Launch Video

We’d be delighted if you passed the news/links along to your favorite local business owners and managers and your industry friends!