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About Our New Partnership With hibu.

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You can read the official release here.

Closely has been working for some time with the great folks at hibu, the small business mega-artist formerly known as the Yell Group.

As many know, hibu is one of the world’s largest providers of small business commerce, operating across many countries and serving the marketing needs of 1.2 million small businesses.

The exciting thing about this partnership is how synchronized our visions are about today’s shifting marketplace model and the importance of rethinking how to deliver digital marketing services.

About Our Partnership

Closely focuses on Everyday Promotion Marketing – creating simplified and effective ways for a small business to manage the content, targeting and distribution of promotional messages to today’s mobile, socially connected consumers.  Promotion marketing was propelled to the forefront through the surge in daily deals over the past 3 years, which has carved out a place as a key marketing tool for about one quarter of small businesses, according to BIA Kelsey’s current research.

Everyday promotion marketing is a much broader concept representing a fundamental shift in SMB marketing.  Recently, Greg Sterling captured this very succinctly.

…partial demand-shift in the local market away from “ads” to a suite of services that focus on presence, organic customer acquisition and retention/loyalty.

As businesses witness the consumer activity pace of mobile and social shopping, they feel the need to actively engage with local consumers in new everyday ways.  This doesn’t map onto the old models of ad campaigns – and it signals the need for new marketplace services, employing simplified tools with distribution, placed into the hands of the business owners and managers.

At Closely, we’re very excited to be working side-by-side with hibu in pioneering the scaled delivery of a new generation of everyday promotion marketing services to their customers – who rely on them for digital marketing solutions, every day.