With Closely Platform, our partners in local media and digital marketing empower small businesses take advantage of today’s media platforms to reach more customers, increase revenue and effectively manage their marketing resources.

Closely Platform Is Designed For Your Team

Manage a few or thousands of small business accounts from one place. Give your team and your merchants the power to create and monitor promotions with tools that make it simple.

With the flexibility to set your own client fee structure and services, you never have to rely on a one-time deal to generate revenue.

Your agency and merchant dashboards as well as consumer-facing offers can be easily customized for your brand.

Closely can handle payments from consumers and distribution of revenue to merchants, leaving you free to focus on your marketing services.

Closely Platform is designed to integrate and scale with your existing infrastructure and new consumer networks. Never get left behind when change becomes necessary.

Enable your merchants to track their ROI and increase effectiveness of promotions with access to real-time data on purchases, redemption and reach.

Why Partner With Closely?

Our partners are the critical link between local businesses and online consumers. If the below describes your organization, there’s a great chance you’re a perfect fit to enhance your marketing services with Closely!

  • You provide marketing services to local businesses and want to add digital promotions or expand the reach of your existing promotions to social and mobile destinations.
  • You are in tune with the unique needs of busy small business owners and the disruptive changes in the market of consumer media.
  • Your sales team needs a way to provide valued advertisers with more flexible options for promoting their unique business.
  • You value your ongoing relationships with clients and want to keep that relationship in mind by selecting tools that put your brand first.
  • You take an active role in monitoring and reporting results to your clients and need a way to make it simpler to show success and retain business.
  • You’re frustrated by the decreasing ROI of traditional advertising and know there’s a lot of potential out there for improvement -- you just need a way to get started.

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