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Making Closely Even More Live-ly!

I’m very pleased to introduce the latest addition to the team at Closely!  Andrei Taraschuk joins the team, bringing a treasure trove of knowledge from the worlds of geo-web and, in particular, the visual presentation of real-time data from social and local data streams. I’ve been a personal fan of his work for years (see a couple of examples here)!

What’s this got to do with promotion management, you might ask?  I’d jump to answer, EVERYTHING!

We began Closely on the foundation that promotions should be deployed as a real-time tool to stimulate demand when the business needs it the most.  So, live promotional content is foundational around here.

We’re bringing Andrei on board at the perfect time – just as we gear up to launch v1 of our mobile application for merchants (stay tuned!), and as we commence design of our next generation “everyday dashboard” that connects our Promotion Management Dashboard with live marketplace context.

It’s going to be a fun ride, and we’re delighted to be cranking up the @Closely collective intellect with the addition of Andrei!