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Announcing Our New Partnership With Entertainment Promotions

We’re pleased to announce that Closely has teamed up with Entertainment Promotions, a leader in the local promotion space for over 50 years. This announcement demonstrates scaled deployment for our platform with one of the world’s largest and most established merchant and consumer networks!

While most people are familiar with the popular Entertainment Coupon Book®, the company has turned its attention to expanding its reach into the online space via a suite of web, email and mobile products. Under this partnership, Closely empowers Entertainment Promotions to expand distribution to a growing array of online and mobile destinations by aggregating, organizing and managing the promotion distribution.

Many technology companies have been working to develop new ways to help small businesses reach customers who increasingly receive their local information digitally, but merchants have been slow to work with unproven partners. With Closely as its technology partner, Entertainment Promotions accelerates its mission to expand customer acquisition and loyalty marketing for its 70,000 local merchants, building on their trusted relationships with busy small business owners.