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Sharing Our Where 2.0 Presentation

We gave a talk yesterday (copied below) at Where 2.0, one of our favorite events every year.  It’s the O’Reilly gathering of the smartest geeks and business visionaries of the location technology world.

Our topic was “Adapting Daily Deals to Live LBS.” In some respects this title felt a little backwards, in other ways it’s a perfect reflection of the industry momentum.  We began Closely grounded in the vision that live media is the killer foundation for advancing social marketing.  The combo strikes at the heart of our mission to empower businesses to stimulate demand when and where they need it the most.  Along the way, the incredible bursting success of Daily Deals has upstaged the LBS industry with revenue momentum and value growth – perfectly reinforced two days ago by GroupOn’s acquisition of one of pioneering LBS tech players, Pelago.

But, alas, these are temporary labels for products that need to be thought of (and designed) as the tools to reinvent how businesses engage with and through their customers, visitors and nearby prospective customers. In this presentation, we (tongue in check) refer to the shift towards “Self-administered Variable Value Live Social Promotion Units“. But hey, that’s essentially what we’ve constructed, and then sliced neatly into simple digestible everyday social marketing uses with better branding ;)

Oh, and as for the “self-administered” part?  We build our tech to give every business total control over their promotions, but we’re also deeply committed to the “agency/multi-location layer”.  We ascribe to the assisted living model of local marketing – the value will be realized when smart marketing services are applied, on behalf of the business.

We hope you enjoy – and hey, if you like it, do pass it along!

3 Responses

  1. thats a very informative presentation. And we agree with most of what you are saying here.

    thanks for sharing

  2. Perry,

    Very interesting – would love to know more about your approach and perspective.

    Meantime, congratulations on the competition, and best of luck in San Francisco!

  3. Robert M.

    Great insight Perry. I would love to know your view on PUSH Vs. PULL campaigns. i.e. I believe that consumers today are inundated with daily emails and are opting out more and, or are choosing to use deal aggregators such as Yipit. What if there was one place that consumers knew they could go to have access to relevant, personalized local, regional and national offers 24/7? What if merchants had one place they could go to self-publish to advertise and control their campaigns? Hmmm. Just a thought.